Portable fire pits are great additions to trips or any kind of outdoor activity. Here are some tips on finding the right space for one, what makes them safe, and how to properly operate them.


Avoiding structures and buildings


Portable fire pits are almost only used outdoors. There’s very few and far between instances where it’s safe to use them indoors. Take this into account when you are travelling or preparing to use one for an event. If you are for example using one under a large tent for an outdoor event, this can potentially be safe if the right precautions are taken. However, for the most part, you should just by rule keep the pit about 12-to-15 feet away from any wall.


Flat surfaces only, outdoor settings are best


Avoiding sliding or any potential accidents is far easier on flat surfaces. At least, they should be non-compromisable surfaces. This means nothing that’s manually propped up or manufactured to be a flat surface. Take extreme precaution when you are in outdoor territories and are using the ground solely as a surface. Usually, having a tarp with you to lay down as a baseline for the piece is best to avoid any accidents. Without that extra layer, the pit can more easily be knocked over.


What if I need repairs?


Some of the more minor issues can be repaired yourself. If you have noticed damage to the integrity of the pit, or if it isn’t sustaining heat, there are a few way to amend it. However, the best route is to get professional assistance to make sure it’s running well. When you repair the device yourself, you risk repairing it less optimally, which could result in later issues.


If you have any questions about your fire pit, give us a call today. We’ll evaluate where your pit is and what would make it work best.