Fire Pit Installation and Repairs

Fire Pit Installations and Fire Pit Repairs

Do You Need A Fire Pit Installation Or Repair?

At Huntington Beach Fire Pits & Fireplaces in Huntington Beach, CA, we specialize in new fire pit installations and fire pit repairs with an emphasis on eco-friendly and green energy use.

Reasons To Install a New Fire Pit

A Natural Way To Light Up the Outdoors

The natural lighting of a newly installed fire pit/fireplace offers your Outdoor Living ambient lighting which is a preferable alternative to the harsh artificial lighting

Fire pits emanate a feeling of warmth both literally and figuratively in an inimitable way that brings families and other loved ones together. They make your evenings outside cozier and more enjoyable through the special ambiance they create.

Reduce Smoke & Ecological Footprint With a Gas Fire Pit/fireplace

Fire pits that are fueled by natural gas offer many different advantages. These include:

-Fewer toxic gases released into the atmosphere
-Easy cleanup due to absence of ash
-Elimination of eye irritating smoke
-No need for log and kindling storage
-99% smoke free & allergy friendly

How To Know If Your Fire Pit Needs Repairs?

Are There Any Leaks?

If you smell gas even when your fire pit is turned off, you most likely have a leak. To find the leak’s source, check the fittings, valves, and tubes of the pit. Gas leaks are quite common, but luckily for you, they’re easily fixable.

What To Do If Your Fire Pit Is Leaking?

Turn Off Fuel Supply

When you discover a leak in your fire pit, it is imperative that you shut off the fuel supply. If a portable tank is hooked up to your fire pit, disconnect it. If the seal is not tight enough, it could pose problems. To reduce the risk of explosive accidents, make sure no fuel is actively running. It doesn’t matter what source the fuel is coming from, it can still be dangerous.

Need a Fire Pit Installed or Repaired?

We’re here to help. Contact Huntington Beach Fire Pits & Fireplaces in Huntington Beach, CA for all your fire pit installation and repair needs.

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