Smokeless fire pits aren’t just custom built now. With a bit of help and some advanced strategies, you can greatly reduce the smoke that emits from your firepit. Here are some quick tips to make cooking a bit clearer!


Why Is My Firepit Extra Smokey?

Chances are, if  you’re noticing extreme smoke from your firepit, then there’s a few things you can correct.

Moist Firewood

Firewood that doesn’t have a low enough moisture content is going to be extremely smokey. Fortunately, this can be correctable even through do-it-yourself methods. Make sure to keep the wood in area where it’ll get minimal exposure to rain. This is done best by keeping it in a covered area during rain, or other inclement weather surrounding the wood.

Dry wood will emit sounds of being almost hollow when tapped on. Luckily, you’ll know right away next time. Also, moisture and dew have a very distinct smell associated with them. Be mindful of this and how its affecting your firewood. Otherwise, you can quickly remove the firewood from the area. Its likely the garage or outdoor area its been exposed to doesn’t have proper insulation to keep it safe from these elements.

Leftover Woodchips in Your Firepit

If your firepit doesn’t get cleaned often, the chips left behind are going to start to pile up. These slowly burn and are exposed out in the open air all night and day. So, despite being used before, their moisture content is likely high. Additionally, starting your fires will be more difficult as well.

Overall, the best tips to keeping a safe and smokeless firepit are to keep your firepit clean, dry, and safe. If you’re looking into installing a new pit soon, give us a call today. We can assess your property firsthand and give your real time firepit solutions.  We’re looking forward to speaking with you!