The answer is yes, absolutely! You are able to convert your outdoor fire pit to natural gas using a propane to natural gas conversion kit. This kit allows you to switch your existing fire pit from propane gas to this kind of gas. These kits can be purchased from your local home improvement store (or the internet)


You’re going to need a gas line run from your house to the fire pit. This is essential to hooking up the conversion kit and having access to the gas supply. Considering that this is an outdoor project, you’ll want to complete it before the cold weather sets in (even though a few of these conversion kits are intended for year-round use in harsh climates). If you’re intending to convert your propane fire pit to this kind of gas, look into the following tips.


Things You Should Consider Before Converting Fire Pit to Natural Gas


Before making the decision to convert your propane fire pit to this kind of gas, you should consider the following suggestions.


  • You’ll need a gas line running from your home to the fire pit. This will cost money and take some time, so plan ahead.


  • An expert should use the conversion kit. If you don’t have any practice with gas lines, hire a professional to do the job.


  • You’ll have to get the gas line inspected by a certified inspector after it’s installed. This is required by law in most areas.


Natural gas conversion kits are designed for outdoor use. If you want to convert your propane fire pit to natural gas, you’ll have to get a kit from Huntington Beach Fire Pits that can withstand the elements.