What Are the Different Types of Propane Fire Pits?


Propane fire pits come in elegant variations that boast beautiful flames and can come in a myriad of designs to complement your taste buds. Glass, rock pebbles, and sometimes faux wood is used to mold the architecture with there being three derivations of these kind of fire pits as follows:


Copper Bowl Fire Pit


Featuring on the high end of the cost scale, copper bowl pits offer delightful eye candy and great longevity as well.


Propane Portable Fire Pit


To ensure mobility, these pits can either be light in weight or incorporate wheels into the design thereby ensuring you can place it wherever you see fit. Aside from the ambiance and warmth of a modern-day fireplace, you also get cooking functionalities with this type.


Fire Pit Table


This pit takes on the mantles of fireplace and table by featuring a vast ledge around the periphery that not only provides a place to set a meal/drink but also ensures a safe distance between those nearby and the flames.


Propane fire pits are appealing because of their convenience, however, they can set you back a hefty sum in terms of fuel costs. Also, food cooked over the pit is quite unlike the quality that you’d get with wood-cooked dishes.