What Is a Natural Gas Fire Pit?


A natural gas fire pit is a fire pit that burns from the natural gas it is supplied with, coming from the burners attached to the gas tank below the fire pit unit. Once the user turns the gas on, the burners are ignited and will give off the appearance of real burning wood or coal.


What Are the Benefits of a Natural Gas Fire Pit?


  • No need to worry about constantly feeding the fire with new wood or coal

  • Easier to control for consistent heat

  • Increased safety by eliminating flying sparks or wood pieces coming out of the pit

  • Clean burning

  • Can be turned on or off with the push of a button or flip of a switch

  • Toast your marshmallows to perfection!


Why should you invest in a natural gas fire pit?


Gas prices vary from location to location, but, once you have yours installed, the price to actually keep it running might be less expensive than you might think. It will cost the consumer around $0.50 per hour to keep their natural gas fire pit running and having it burning for a few hours on a daily basis would most likely cost under $30 per month. Not bad!