Firepits are great investments for activities in the yard. If you’re looking to install one or are hesitant about how safe they are, here’s a few common question that most owners have when pursuing a firepit.


Are they safe for kids?


In short, the answer is yes, but there’s a necessity for supervision. Operating the firepit should always be done by an adult, and you will need to implement safety precautions. Whether that be locking the system up when not in use, or vigilant supervision. In either case, there’s a far lower risk for injury to any child. Also, they can be difficult to operate for the untrained, so it makes sense to go over safety tips with them upon installation.


Do I need to remodel around the firepit?


A full remodel is very rarely necessary. Usually, the remodel inspires the firepit installation rather than being a result of one. However, if you are remodeling fully, it’s recommended to consider how a firepit would affect the rest of the install. Will it be a centerpiece? Are you installing new outdoor seating? Consider the safety of that seating as well. If you’re worried about flammable material being nearby the firepit, keep it in mind as you go through the remodel.


What kind of events are firepits good for?


Firepits are a great foundation for getting guests out of their comfort zone. Getting around a sort of campfire setting allows for the space to feel safer and more intimate in an outdoor area, which improves the quality of conversation often. You’ll find yourself having far more interesting and eventful evenings with friends, while having a draw to keep activity outside as well.


If you’re looking to begin installation, we’re here to help. Give us a call today to learn more about how we can give your backyard a makeover, and set your next evening with friends at a higher level. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!